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"Making the Japanese basketball industry one of the best in the world. _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   

In recent years, the Japanese basketball industry has become one of the world's top league players.

It is developing rapidly enough to be noticed.

In the leagues of Japan, America and Spain

A former professional player who has actually built a career from scratch

Challenge the development of the Japanese basketball industry.

Isao Kinoshita

Isao Kinoshita

Born April 7, 1994. Born in Hyogo prefecture.

After graduating from high school, became Japan's first active university student and professional basketball player.

after that


The world's first Japanese player achieves a professional contract in unprecedented Spain

As a pioneer, he has paved the way.

Behind the achievements as a player so far

There were many worries and conflicts.


Even in a situation that seems to be the bottom

I was able to overcome it because of the help of those around me.


I will deliver with his half-life the feelings that led to the start of the business I have now.


To a student and professional player, but experienced a big setback for the first time in my life

Born in Kwansei Gakuin High School.

Participated in Inter-High from the first year

In the second year, he also participated in the Winter Cup.

He was captain in all elementary, junior high and high schools.

At the same time as entering Kwansei Gakuin University

We have signed a contract with Wakayama Trians.

As the first active college student in the Japanese men's basketball top league

I started my professional career.

However, I couldn't participate in the match at all there.

I am bullied by other players.

And a year later, he recklessly went to the United States to challenge the world's highest peak NBA.

I was worried about the new environment,

I was excited to leave Japan.


First overseas challenge, to America

First of all, the D League (currently the G League) under the NBA umbrella

I received a tryout from all the teams

You will be baptized on your first tryout.


I jumped in without leaving English,

At that time, including me, 10 black players, 1 white player, and 1 Asian player

A total of 12 people were tryout test takers.

The tryout started, and less than 5 minutes later, I and the white player

Two people were removed and the match started with only 10 of them.

When I asked the coach why he couldn't participate in the match,

“Thank you for coming from Japan.”

That's all, and the first tryout is over.

I was just disappointed and suffered the first racism in my life.

Anyway, go crazy for the subsequent tryout

I played as if I was humiliating.

At that time, I often stayed at airports, bus stops, and parks.

While I can't hear from anywhere,

It was the same student who was watching my attitude toward tryout

Will play later from an American player

We would like to introduce you to the teams belonging to the US Independent League (ABA).

This is how my career in the United States started.


From America to the new world "Spain"

Later, I had the opportunity to play against the team that made the "discrimination", and although I lost the game, the manager there evaluated my ability properly and I was able to fight for one season safely. However, I actually felt uncomfortable with the American style basketball that was particular about 1on1.

Wakayama's professional coach is a former Japan national team coach from Croatia. The basketball that the director wanted was a great fit for a boy. Instead of continuing to challenge in the United States, the Japanese have never played and are European basketball. .. .. I decided to go to Spain, which is the second largest in the world and the first in Europe.

After returning to Japan, he also studied at the university he was enrolled in. After that, I left for Spain.

Even if you have a network when you go to Spain

Not recommended by anyone

I went to rely on the academy I checked.


Looking for a team while attending the academy for the first month

Of course I don't understand Spanish, and I can hardly speak English.

I had a lot of trouble communicating.

Still, I met a team that bought me

He started his Spanish career in the regional 5th division league.


Gain confidence and go even higher

Playing for one season in Spain with a solid response

I gained solid confidence. I can do it in this country.

In the second season, aiming for higher heights, from 2nd to 4th division

I emailed and called the whole team to sell myself.


However, the league of 5th division is not a league that is basically evaluated.

Most teams pay in advance.

When I think about it now, a small Asian player who doesn't know where the bones of the horse are

The upper league of the basketball powerhouse appreciates it

You can't have a partner.

Meanwhile, one team from the 4th division league should participate in the practice game.

They accepted me, and the next contract was decided there.

Leave the result here and go higher.

However, he is baptized there again.


Another setback, but the light of hope.

The second season in Spain

It was a leap experience in Spain later.

The team in the first season is called Catalunya

In an area with its own language, the teammates and directors at the time

Be careful with me, but in English

He communicated with me.

However, the next team does not speak English and is all Spanish.

I can't keep up with my understanding of practice

"If you don't understand my practice, go home!"

Language barrier.

I should have experienced and overcome it in the United States, but the same thing in other countries.

Study hard and by the end of the season

It has improved enough to be called a teammate.

However, the team had the worst results such as 13 consecutive losses at the end of the season and the resignation of the manager.

At this time, I was worried about whether I would continue to graduate from college as a substitute player.

At that time, I learned about the existence of an "agent" in Japan and Spain.

We contacted each other one by one and decided to do it together.

Negotiate with the team on your behalf,

The hard work so far will be rewarded.

I thought that way.


The light of hope that has completely disappeared. Reversal from there.

I would like to say from my experience of having an agent in Spain and Japan.

No results were obtained, just every day when time passed.

Certainly not as successful as a professional

I wonder if there is an offer so far.

What surprised me most was the agents at that time.

“Is there anyone I know who can give money to the team?

Can you sponsor? "

I wasn't evaluated as a player from the beginning.

I've lost the word for this.

Here, the person in the profession of agent

I completely distrust it.

Whether to get a job or continue. It was a cliff.

Let's play seriously for another year and finish.

I was hungry and left for Spain again.

There I met a coach who is also an agent business

In addition, the gear of fate turns.

Spain's third season is in Valencia

I played for a team in the 5th division.

Actually, I spent a season next to the kitchen at that time.

There was no room left in the apartment offered.

However, the results were excellent and he was promoted to the 4th division and won the 35th consecutive winning team.

It attracted attention as it appeared in local newspapers and media.

Underwater there is an example coach in the area

I heard that the team in the second division is interested in me

Negotiations took place over several months.

And in the summer of 2018, a press conference was held in Japan, and the world's first Japanese player

Announced that it has signed a contract with Spanish ProClub.


My ability that I noticed from suffering,
Attractiveness to support people.

Four years after I left Japan, I finally grabbed it

Formal contract with a world-class club.

I used to play in the lower league

Face the difficulty of the league that you jumped and challenged.

But it wasn't a big deal compared to the previous four years.

During the good season, I was dropped into a pitfall.

An article different from the facts reported by the Spanish media

It was spread in large numbers in Japan and was in danger of the player's life.

Team officials, coaches who acted as intermediaries,

I'm really grateful to all the clubs for their protection.

However, the media that does not report the facts, criticism from the home country

I was just hurt and lonely.

After that, I continued to play well.

In the European professional league, the representative players of each country are close to half of each club

It is very international, such as being enrolled.

The language used in it is English or Spanish.

At this point, I was a Japanese person who wore four languages (English, West, Chinese, and Japanese).

I improved the interpreter for my teammates who don't speak Spanish.

Also for top-level players and coaches in Europe

Would you like to go to the Japanese league and become an intermediary?

Has come to be mentioned.

Although he was still a player at that time, he added overseas players and coaches to Japanese clubs.

Want to introduce, play or coach in Spain

I was supporting Japanese people.

When you have been facing yourself for a long time due to Korona-ka

I'm not a player, I connect people, I intervene and solve problems

I am happy to support and protect people

I felt that it fits very well.

From such a background, in December 2021, FIBA (International Basketball Federation)

Take and pass the Certified Agent Qualification Exam

Officially, League of Nations official basketball

I started as an agent.


All experience is the driving force that supports people

From these experiences and missions

Providing cross-border bridges for domestic and foreign players

Long-term total support for all professional careers

By doing from the "player's perspective"

We will contribute to the development of the Japanese basketball industry.

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